The idea of Roma pizza was created in 2006. The idea was tested at the first food & beverage concept café Roma on the customers which taste was really appreciated. We decided to take this pizza to the next level and started the first QSR of Pizza. At that time there was no a full developed concept of an Italian pizza restaurant served within QSR concept. We focused on what other national & international pizza chains missing which was–a gourmet-quality untraditional pizza (Slice & New Yorker style), variety of unique toppings and delivery to the customer's door with generous amount of cheese and superior toppings. The first store opened in Cairo was in Heliopolis area in 2006. In 2008, Roma pizza started franchising. Today, Roma pizza is the recognized leader of the pizza category and now owns & franchises 6 Roma pizza restaurants. Roma pizza is still fully committed to delivering on its brand promise of "Generous toppings. Gourmet Pizza."
Big Slice,
Big Taste
From day one, we knew we could make a better pizza by using fresh dough and superior-quality ingredients, and refused to sway from that commitment to quality. It worked, and people loved the pizza.

"Making a quality pizza using generous cheese & toppings has been the foundation of Roma pizza for more than 8 years. You have our commitment that Roma Pizza will not stray from the foundation of quality & superiority upon which the company was built. We will always strive to be your 'Better' Pizza chain
Simply to be the best gourmet pizza presenting Italian pizza in Quick service experience

Big Slice,
Big Taste
To create a spirit within our company that inspires our Team Members to provide our customers with a total quality experience. Quality of product, service & environment

Core Values

We must keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing. We will consistently deliver a traditional Roma pizza superior-quality pizza.

We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We earn the right to hold others to a higher level of accountability by being accountable to our customers, our employees, our business partners and ourselves.

Our customer satisfaction must be consistent, quantifiable and demonstrable. At Roma Pizza we expect excellence - the "best in its class" in everything we do.

If you think you can or you think you can't - you're right! The difference between winners and losers is a positive mental attitude. Our attitude is a reflection of what we value: successful team members must be upbeat, proactive and passionate about everything they do.

Constant Improvement
We never stop trying to surpass our previous best. We constantly "Raise the Bar." No matter how good we are, we will always get better.
Big Slice,
Big Taste
Roma Pizza to go will create superior brand loyalty, for example, through (a) authentic, superior-quality products, (b) legendary customer service and (c) exceptional community service.

Team Members
People are our most important asset. Roma will provide clear, consistent, strategic leadership and career opportunities for Team Members who (a) exhibit passion toward their work, (b) uphold our Core Values, (c) take pride of ownership in building the long-term value of the Papa John's brand and (d) have ethical business practices.

We will produce superior long-term value for our shareholders.
Big Slice,
Big Taste